Invisalign offers a subtle way to effectively straighten your crooked teeth. These comfortable braces are completely removable, making them a convenient alternative to traditional braces. Although you won’t need to worry about broken wires or bent brackets, there are a few things that you can do to make your treatment an even better experience.

Remove Retainers Before Eating

Although Invisalign doesn’t limit the foods you can eat, you should still remove it before eating. Eating with the retainer in will feel uncomfortable, and could damage it. Not only that, but food particles trapped underneath can cause tooth decay. Other people will also be able to see the trapped food. To further protect yourself from tooth decay and unsightly food particles, you should always brush your teeth before reinserting the retainer.

Don’t Let Drinking Fool You

Remembering to remove your tray for meals and snacks might be easy, but you should also try to remove it before drinking anything other than water. Sugary beverages have the same tooth-rotting problem of getting trapped between the plastic and your teeth. Use caution when consuming hot beverages such as tea and coffee to avoid warping your Invisalign. A final beverage caution to remember is that dark drinks like coffee and wine can stain the clear plastic, making them more visible.

Take Time With Your Makeup

For anyone who enjoys enhancing their lips with lipstick or a little lipgloss, you might want to add a small extra step to the end of your makeup routine. Excess makeup on the inside of your lips can smudge on the surface of Invisalign, which increases visibility. You can avoid this embarrassing makeup faux pas by closing your lips around your little finger after applying makeup and slowly pulling it out. Doing so will remove extra pigment on the inside of your lips.

Don’t Stress Over Syllables

Fans of the popular show Modern Family know that Invisalign can cause a lisp, but not to worry. Although Hollywood exaggerates situations for heightened comedic impact, you can rest assured that these clear braces will have little noticeable impact on your speech. Some people do develop a slight lisp during treatment that only close family and friends will hear, but it fades when you grow accustomed to the retainer.

Straighter Teeth with Invisalign

For anyone considering tooth straightening, Invisalign offers an effective alternative to traditional braces. These invisible braces gently move your teeth using new retainers every few weeks for your comfort. Straighter teeth not only increase your confidence, but also decrease your chances of developing cavities or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) as a result of poor alignment.

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