Most people put great stock on first impressions, and our smiles have pretty heavy influence on how people perceive us before we even speak. Having white, healthy teeth leaves a great impression, but if you happen to have discolored and stained teeth it could have a big negative impact on that important first impression. A lot of times these negative judgments are unfounded, but people still make them and it is important to realize what kind of message your teeth are conveying.

young woman covering her mouth

“I am lazy”

A lot of people associate good dental hygiene with pearly white teeth, and if you happen to have teeth that are discolored or stained then it is easy for people to draw the conclusion that you do not brush your teeth regularly. This, in turn, will lead them to think that you are lazy or unmotivated to take proper care of your teeth.

“I am unhealthy”

This ties into the previous point, but it is important to remember that for many people the color white has connotations of health and wellness. This is why so many hospitals historically chose to have white walls and floors. The same goes for teeth too. A white smile gives the impression that you are in good health.

“I am old”

While this is obviously not true for all elderly people, many people associate discolored smiles with being old. Your teeth do naturally turn yellow as you age because stains do accumulate with time and the outer layer of your enamel wears away revealing the dentin (which happens to be yellow) underneath. Younger people with discolored teeth may find that their teeth age them a bit.

“I am poor”

The unfortunate truth is that some people cannot afford to properly maintain their teeth. When encountering stained or discolored teeth, some people may think that you are poor just because of this. Obviously this is not a fair conclusion, but unfortunately people jump to conclusions. Research shows that people think you earn about $15,000 more a year if you have white teeth.

Health is Important

Ultimately how white you would like your teeth boils down to personal preference. The most important thing is that you should be practicing proper dental hygiene to ensure that your teeth are healthy, but if you find that you would like to have your teeth whitened then it is important to speak with a licensed dentist about the procedure. If you have any questions about teeth whitening, or if you would like an appointment with a Rockland County cosmetic dentist please call Dental Excellence in West Nyack at (845) 627-7645.