When most Americans think about dental issues, they picture crooked teeth and cavities; however, in reality, periodontal disease is the primary dental problem facing about 50 percent of the U.S. population. Also known as gum disease, this issue has been linked to some serious health problems related to inflammation. It’s also been linked to a specific problem that affects many American men.


A new study conducted in Turkey indicates that periodontal disease is somehow linked to erectile dysfunction. Appearing in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the research looked at several people who suffered from the embarrassing condition. In the end, they were surprised to find that over half of the subjects showed signs of having severe periodontal disease.

A High Number

The study’s researchers report that men who don’t suffer from ED tend to show signs of periodontal disease only about a quarter of the time. This seems to suggest that periodontal disease plays a particular role in promoting sexual dysfunction. Although researchers aren’t positive, they think inflammation may play a role by spreading from the mouth to other parts of the body.

A Serious Issue

Most everyone flosses and brushes on a regular basis; however, not enough maintain regular dental checkups, which can help detect and prevent gum issues before they evolve into serious medical problems.

Although many people believe they would notice if they’d begun to develop gum disease; in reality, this dangerous problem often goes unnoticed. As time passes, this time bomb could ultimately go off, leading to erectile dysfunction, tooth loss and other serious medical issues.

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