B&D Dental Excellence isn’t just the name of our practice, it’s a statement of our philosophy. We truly believe in providing every one of our patients with a superb dental experience.

And our commitment to excellence has just been confirmed as Dr. Mark Dunayer was named one of “America’s Best Dentists” by the National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB). This is more than an honor that Dr. Dunayer received, it’s a service to the people of the area who might have difficulty identifying which dentists in Rockland County offer outstanding dental care.

What It Means to Be a “Best Dentist”

Dr. Dunayer was chosen from among all the dentists in New York because he met the qualifications that the NCAB has decided matter most to patient care. Some of these characteristics are fairly basic, as a dentist must:

  • Have over four years’ experience
  • Be a full-time practicing dentist
  • Be free of license suspensions or malpractice

Of course, it takes time to earn the rank of “Best Dentist,” and no part-time dentist could achieve the rank of “Best Dentist.” And of course no one can be a Best Dentist if they have had their license suspended or otherwise been disciplined for malpractice.

Other characteristics are less obvious, but show a dentist’s dedication to their craft and their patients, such as:

  • Take an average of three times or more of the continuing education requirement
  • Use magnification
  • Own their own practice

Dentists that take three times the requirement of continuing education are dentists who are dedicated to understanding their craft and continually improving it. Dentists who use magnification care about the fine details of their work. And dentist who own their practice are dedicated enough to have purchased their practice, making them more directly responsible to their patients rather than to another dentist or to a corporate owner.

Finally, the NCAB looks for signals that the dentists actually provide quality care, such as:

  • Being chosen by other healthcare providers for dental care
  • Being highly reviewed online

Healthcare providers are highly knowledgeable about the other practitioners in their community. They are more likely to know who the best dentist is, and go to them. And, obviously, “America’s Best Dentists” are going to receive more quality reviews online than mediocre or poor dentists.

Find the “Best Dentist” for You

If you are looking for a quality dentist in Rockland County, then you should consider looking up Dr. Dunayer, one of America’s Best Dentists.

To schedule your consultation at B & D Dental Excellence in West Nyack, please call (845) 627-7645 for an appointment.