Many of us look back on our teenage years with a slight tinge of embarrassment. Yes, most of us were awkward, trying to make sense of our bodies, our future, and what we were looking for out of life. Additionally, unless you were blessed with naturally straight teeth, many of us had to wear braces. Back then this meant a mouth full of metal and rubber bands, and if that was not bad enough, these old school braces severely restricted what you could eat or drink.

But even worse is those of us that didn’t get braces as teens and are now facing the prospect of getting them as adults. Luckily, there is a great alternative that is more discreet than traditional metal braces: Invisalign.

Smiling Teen girl showing dental braces.

Benefits of Invisalign

While traditional braces are very restrictive, Invisalign offers much more freedom in what you can eat or drink. This is because you can actually remove the braces (and you definitely should!) while you are eating or drinking anything other than water. If you forget to remove your Invisalign braces while you are eating you can actually damage them.

Old school metal braces are also very noticeable. This causes a bit of an issue for adults who are in need of orthodontic care. After all, braces are often associated with our awkward teenage years. Invisalign offers a discreet option that can straighten your teeth without being as noticeable as metal braces. There is a reason why so many celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, have been opting for Invisalign. After all, what action hero would be caught dead in awkward braces?

Why Wait?

A great smile goes a long way. Not only are straight teeth easier to clean and maintain, but they also increase your overall aesthetic appeal. The old cliche says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but it does not stop most people from doing just that, unfortunately. A person with straight teeth is 45% more likely to get a job over someone with the same qualifications, but crooked teeth. If you live in the West Nyack area and want to give Invisalign a shot please consider giving us at B&D Dental Excellence a visit. Don’t wait, please call (845) 627-7645 for an appointment with a Rockland County cosmetic dentist.