The loss of a tooth is a traumatic event, and the psychological and emotional trauma is compounded when that loss is reflected in the patient’s smile. When the loss is due to an injury or accident, the accompanying anger and frustration surrounding the circumstances can lead to anxiety, depression, and lower self-esteem.

However, thanks to modern technology and advancements in cosmetic dentistry, today’s dental implants can provide emotional healing and a new outlook on life for the patient, in some cases, years after the original injury took place.

A New Smile for a Seasoned Warrior

Billy Moore, a Navy sailor, had no idea his life would forever change in September of 2002 while on leave at home in Bakersfield, California. While meeting friends at a local park, he was shot in the face by a suspect who thought he was someone else. The resulting gun blast left a gaping hole in Moore’s lower jaw, and the doctors were in disbelief he wasn’t paralyzed or dead. X-rays showed the bullet stopped just short of his spinal column. Although he was miraculously discharged two days later, his recovery process has been long. Repeated attempts to get dental implants through the VA left him frustrated (unfortunately, this is an all-too-common story), and after thirteen long years, Moore has grown both accustomed to and depressed by the comments people make about his appearance.

Finally, through the efforts of a local dentist who ran a community competition giving away free dental work to the person with the most compelling story, Moore now has a chance at closure and a new chapter in his life. The procedure will require two surgeries, but Moore is looking forward to his new smile.

Dental Implants: More than the Sum of Their Parts

The impact of properly performed cosmetic dentistry and correctly applied dental implants on a patient’s emotional well-being is significant. A naturally attractive smile improves a patient’s confidence and self-esteem, leading to better outlook on life and an improved social life. Being able to express joy without self-consciousness is a mark of personal freedom that goes beyond the health benefits dental implants contribute to the structure of the jaw, bones, and teeth.

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