In Europe, as in the US, the authorities have generally come down on the side that although there is mercury in dental amalgam, it is not a threat to people who have them. In both countries, recent reviews have upheld this stance, giving the impression that there is a consensus that these are safe restorations.

However, there are many that believe dental amalgam fillings pose a serious health risk, including Joachim Miller, who published his dissent in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology (JOMT).

Why the Authorities Are Wrong on Dental Amalgam

Miller points to many potential reasons why the recommendations of the European and American authorities are mistaken, but his primary complaint is that the scientific review looked primarily at mercury levels in urine and blood, not in body tissues, which can only be determined through autopsy studies, which, he says were not considered by European authorities.

According to Miller, autopsy studies show that dental amalgam fillings are the primary cause for mercury in the body, resulting in body mercury levels of 2-12 times the level found in people without mercury amalgam fillings.

Miller further claims that there is no correlation between blood and urine levels, body tissue levels, and health effects of mercury.

In the US, authorities have also relied heavily on blood and urine levels in making recommendations, although we would not be prepared to state that they consulted no autopsy studies. However, the FDA recognizes that the issue is complicated and that ongoing information collection can help to protect patients.

Better Materials Are Available

Whether you believe that amalgam fillings are dangerous or not, the truth is that, from a cosmetic dentistry standpoint, they’re not the best choice. They immediately stand out every time you open your mouth to talk or eat. And although they begin as a shiny silver, they often turn black, making them look as bad as the cavities they filled.

At B & D Dental Excellence, we offer two good alternatives for tooth colored fillings. We offer composite fillings, which can be applied directly at the time your tooth is prepared. These harden under a curing lamp to create a nicely sealed and durable tooth-colored filling. Porcelain inlays and onlays are an even more attractive. They have not only the same color, but also the same durable, long-lasting luster as your natural enamel.

If you have dental amalgam fillings you want to replace or if you want to avoid getting dental amalgam fillings to being with, we can help. Please contact B&D Dental Excellence in Rockland County, New York.