Imagine that you need a dental crown. Maybe you have a tooth that’s weak and needs some support, or a discolored tooth that a crown could hide. Maybe you’re getting a dental crown for cosmetic purposes. This isn’t just a garden variety cleaning, so you make an appointment with a dentist in New York City.

You undertake the grueling hour-long drive through city traffic. Your dentist examines the tooth, files it down, and takes an impression… and then you turn around and head home, another hour, to await your second trip. That’s right, you’ll need to go back again — that New York City dentist will need to send your tooth impression off to a lab, where they can create a crown to fit you. That second visit is when you’ll actually get the crown installed.

By the time you have your brand new crown, you’ve wasted more than four hours in the car. And you’d better hope you don’t experience any complications or issues with the crown, because it’ll be another two hours round trip to have your dentist check it out!

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Luckily, that little story can remain fiction: There’s an easier way.

Get Dental Crowns Right Here in Rockland County

Dr. Mark Dunayer, DMD is right here in Rockland County, ready to provide you with dental crowns without the trip. Whether you need a crown or bridge for structural stability or for cosmetic reasons, there’s no need to travel all the way to New York City for high quality dental work. Dr. Dunayer has world-class training and experience, and he offers that the same quality dental care you might drive hours for, but here in West Nyack.

Our crowns are made from all-porcelain material that provides maximum light translucency to mimic natural teeth as closely as possible without sacrificing strength. These crowns are durable and long-lasting — they’ll look and feel just like they’re your real teeth.

One-Visit Convenience

Even better, you won’t even need to come back for a second visit. Our CEREC ceramic crowns can be created and applied while you wait, in a single visit. Here’s how it works: First, Dr. Dunayer will examine the tooth. He’ll choose the best method for your specific case before starting any of the procedure. Then, he’ll remove any decay to prepare the tooth for crowning.

Next, he’ll take an impression of the tooth. But unlike the typical crown procedure, this impression will not be made using impression gunk — it will be digital. CEREC uses three-dimensional imaging to map the exact shape of your tooth to ensure the crown will fit perfectly.

The final step is the creation of the crown. Instead of sending that impression out to a lab and waiting for them to mail back the finished crown, Dr. Dunayer can use the CEREC machine to design and create your crown right there on the spot. Then all that’s left is applying the crown to the tooth.

Don’t waste your time driving all the way to New York City for a procedure you can get done while you wait in your hometown. Call (845) 627-7645 or contact us online to make an appointment to get your CEREC ceramic crown.