In pop culture and media in the United States, braces are often portrayed as ugly, geeky, and painful, the bane of childhood social lives. Braces are so deeply connected to childhood by media that as an adult, having braces can feel mortifying. Despite the negative stigma, adult braces have been finding their way into the spotlight on well-known celebrities.

You’re Never Too Old for Braces

Clear braces in a white backgroundIn the 2013 AMC awards, country music singer Faith Hill showed off her beautiful smile sporting clear braces at the age of 45. She explained by saying that as a child, she forgot to wear her retainer. Her clear braces did not get her laughed off the stage, nor was she buried under a landslide of negative commentary on her dental health. Instead, her braces helped bring attention to adult braces.

Dr. John Buzzatto, president of the American Association of Orthodontists commented that Faith Hill’s openness about her braces “has been great for raising the awareness of orthodontics for adults.” Faith Hill is not the only adult out there facing crooked teeth from neglected retainers or lack of childhood orthodontic care. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the number of adults seeking braces increased 37% from 1994 to 2004, and has been climbing steadily as more adults recognize the need for a straight smile.

Actor Tom Cruise also sported adult braces back in 2002 when he turned 40. After Tom Cruise’s oral health excursion, Faye Dunaway decided that it was time to give her own teeth some care and got braces at the age of 61.

Do You Need Adult Braces

Straight teeth are just as important for adults as they are for children and teens. Despite braces being most closely associated with childhood or our teenage years, there are still many benefits to correcting crooked teeth as an adult. Cleaning crooked teeth can be difficult, and may result in a buildup of plaque and quickened decay between afflicted teeth. Self-confidence can also be negatively impacted by a crooked smile. Many adults report that they feel embarrassed by their crooked smile, but are hesitant to get braces because of the stigma still clinging to adult braces.

A wide variety of unobtrusive or invisible braces have become available in dentistry in the last ten years. Invisalign is great for adults who want to straighten their smile without showing off wires and brackets whenever they smile. Unlike regular braces, Invisalign is clear, making it less noticeable. Invisalign is also more comfortable than regular braces.

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