There’s always something in life that comes up that we simply want to push aside as much as possible. From work to lawn care to taking your car to the mechanic, procrastination is a part of life. While procrastinating on most things won’t cause extremely adverse side effects, there are cases when procrastination can cause consequences. Take for example procrastinating on taking care of a simple dental problem.

Avoiding visiting the dentist to treat tooth grinding, gum disease, and poor tooth extraction can all lead to jaw bone loss, a serious condition that can be avoided entirely. Tooth grinding wears the teeth and can be fixed using a mouth guard; gum disease leaves the teeth vulnerable to bacteria and can be avoided through proper and routine dental care; an improper tooth extraction can be fixed using an effective tooth filling material.

Though jaw bone loss isn’t widely spoken of or known about, the condition can be life changing for many. When left untreated for a long period of time, jaw bone loss can cause a variety of symptoms, many of which are uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Jaw bone loss can make talking, eating, chewing, and even smiling uncomfortable. These symptoms occur when the bone that surrounds and protects the teeth wears and slowly diminishes. Without treatment, the side effects will only worsen. Even though jaw bone loss is preventable, many patients find that, because of procrastination, they are stuck dealing with the problem.

In order to properly treat jaw bone loss, it’s important that you’re able to seek advice and treatment from a reliable dentist, such as Dr. Dunayer. It’s also important that the dentist you choose is blunt about the condition at hand, as sugarcoating the situation can only worsen things Be sure to find a dentist that will be straight-forward with your diagnosis and is well versed in treating your particular condition. Treating jaw bone loss will make daily life much more enjoyable.

To ensure that your oral health is optimal, and to keep your smile, gums, and jaw bone as healthy as possible, contact Dr. Dunayer’s office today for jaw bone loss diagnosis as well as treatment. Don’t let procrastination deteriorate your life and well-being. Patients can call or email our office to schedule an appointment.