There are so many brands of charcoal toothpaste, they’re becoming too difficult to keep track of. Take a quick trip on social media and chances are you’ll see them everywhere. In between some memes or pictures of your nephew’s baby will be someone standing in front of a mirror and brushing their teeth with a gritty, black substance. Even if you manage to miss all the Instagram influencers, you’ll probably run into some celebrities support these products. Drake, for instance, has mentioned in several interviews that he’s a fan. Getting past the fact that teeth covered in grit can look quite scary, the question on the mind of many who are embarrassed by their smiles is: does it work?

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The Charcoal Toothpaste Research

A couple Google searches could find you something claiming to cure just about everything. On the world of the internet, there is no shortage of panaceas. Supplements that will help you stay focused. Creams that will cure wrinkles. Teas to get rid of imaginary gut parasites. The tradition of selling snake oil has been around about as long as we have. But in the case of activated charcoal, is there any basis to these claims?

According to a recent study published in the journal of the American Dental Association, the answer is no. Using a randomized study investigating over 50 consecutive charcoal dentifrices, the researchers reported that  there was insufficient evidence suggesting that any of these products met their packaging claims. Worse than simply scamming some out of their money, charcoal toothpaste can actually be dangerous.

Several dental professionals have warmed patients against using these untested products, which may be over-abrasive, and could wear away tooth enamel, exposing them to tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

Whiten Your Teeth Safely

Being embarrassed by stained teeth is incredibly common, especially among Americans. Charcoal toothpaste just isn’t the answer you’ve been looking for. Although there isn’t any “panacea” for stained teeth — except maybe porcelain veneersprofessional teeth whitening is safe, effective, and long lasting.

Teeth naturally become stained over time after continued exposure to staining agents. Coffee, red wine, and cigarette smoke are some of the worst offenders, but almost any food can contain staining agents. Because our enamel actually contains several ridges and sharp edges, as opposed to being smooth, these staining agents can become trapped within our enamel.

The key behind professional whitening is the use of chemical agents, mainly peroxide, which can dissolve trapped staining agents, leaving our smile up to eight shades whiter. Although several products sold in grocery stores also contain peroxide, professional whitening solutions are much more powerful and effective. When an in-office treatment is combined with a take-home treatment, however, results can be even more dramatic.

Tired of living with a discolored smile? Are you sick of spending money on OTC tooth whitening products that just don’t work? Do you want to be happier and proud of your smile? If so come to the cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Dunayer for tooth whitening in West Nyack today. He will be able to whiten and brighten any smile! Call our Rockland County dentist’s office us today at (845) 627-7645 or email us to request an appointment.