Do you ever feel like your beautiful teeth hide behind your gums? Our smiles require a delicate balance between teeth and gums. If we have crooked, uneven or too visible gums, we may not feel as beautiful as we could. Dr. Mark Dunayer is a smile expert whose cosmetic dentistry focuses on changing lives. With his gum recontouring treatment, you could feel more confident and happy to set out into the world!

Close up of a beautiful blue eyed girl hiding her mouth, concerned for her gum health?

Why Do I Have Excess Gums?

If you consider your smile “gummy,” you probably have too much gum tissue. For most people, a gummy smile will start to recede once they hit puberty. As a result, a straight, aligned smile will reveal itself. However, others never get rid of their extra gums. After puberty, your gums will continue to torment your teeth. If this sounds like what you’ve experienced, you are the perfect candidate for gum recontouring with Dr. Dunayer. 

In other cases, your extra gums are doing extra work to make up for short teeth. If you have small teeth, your excess gums are completely necessary. In these cases, we can build your teeth with porcelain veneers to broaden your smile. 

On the other hand, if your gums have recently developed a gummy appearance, the cause may be something else entirely. For example, certain medications and medical conditions irritate your gums, causing them to inflame. If this is the case, then we will provide you with treatment options to reign your gums back under control. 

Say Goodbye to Your Gummy Smile

Frequently, our patients refer to their gums as “overgrown” or “too gummy.” Though it’s a silly way to talk about your smile, it’s a problem a lot of people face. When you have an overly gummy smile, your teeth look smaller. Gum recontouring effectively gives you the smile of your dreams with a very minimal procedure. With our advanced technology, gums usually heal within a few days, taking a few weeks at most.

Another common smile issue is whether or not your smile appears straight. Two lines define the straightness of your mouth. First, people notice the line that separates your top and bottom teeth. If your teeth are actually uneven, consider using veneers to straighten them. Veneers can elongate short teeth, repair chips and give your smile the desired even look.

The other line that determines the straightness of your teeth is the line where your upper teeth meet your gums. Not many people consider this line when they aim for a straighter smile but everyone unconsciously notices it. With recontouring, Dr. Dunayer creates an even, scalloped line along your gums to show a straight, healthy, and attractive smile. 

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