Dentistry is constantly changing. That’s why you want a dentist who always looks for new procedures and better equipment. As technology improves, your dental experience becomes easier as well. 

Furthermore, a forward-thinking dentist learns the latest treatment methods as soon as possible. This, in turn, ensures that your dental treatment is the quickest, safest, and most aesthetically pleasing dentistry on the market. 

Here at B & D Dental Excellence, our dental staff provides the newest technology for better procedures. When you visit Dr. Dunayer, you will love both the treatment and the personal commitment that we offer here in West Nyack.

A CEREC machine milling a dental implant

Treatments That Improve With the Latest Technology

Many dental procedures work fine without the latest technology. However, with new advancements, many treatments become easier and more relaxing. Furthermore, recovery time goes down significantly with new equipment. 

You will benefit from these advancements when you visit Dr. Dunayer in Rockland County:

Gum Recontouring Lasers

We now use lasers instead of scalpels to correct “gummy” smiles and reshape the gum around your teeth. Additionally, lasers can help with the treatment and recovery time for gum disease. Without painful incisions, you’ll be at your full oral health in no time. 

Smile Imaging

When you come to see us for a smile makeover, we can show you what your smile will look like before we make any modifications. Our smile imaging helps you see how cosmetic dentistry can change your teeth. 

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are faster and more reliable than other x-rays. With our digital equipment, we cut out 90% of the radiation you would normally receive. Additionally, our x-rays automatically upload to the computer, which makes it easier to send to insurance companies and other dentists, if needed.

New Age Dentures

Old school dentures might remind you of your grandparents. However, FOY ® Dentures are a whole new game.

Our dentists design these dentures to fit both your mouth and your facial structure. With these dental implants, your smile is reliable and comfortable. You can eat, talk, and chew normally, just like you would with your real teeth.

Other Treatments

The above-mentioned treatments are just a few of the technological advancements that improve your dental care. We also use video presentations to help you understand your treatment options. Further, we follow CDC regulations for high levels of germ control and use ADA-approved disinfectants for all of our equipment.

With more precise tools, we can also perform comfortable root canal therapy. Further lowering the time you spend at the dentist’s office and recovering, CEREC restorations allow us to fill cavities and put on crowns in just one visit. As time goes on, we’ll become even more advanced, helping you achieve the perfect smile. 

Your Dentist in West Nyack

When you choose your dental team, it’s important to choose a dentist you trust. Other than that, you want to make sure that your dentist has the latest technology. Even more, you want to know that your dental team is up-to-date on certifications and dental courses. 

If you’re in West Nyack and need to find a dentist, give us a call at (845) 627-7645 or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Dunayer.