If you’ve been putting off getting your teeth straightened with Invisalign or other approaches, there’s no time like the present to get it done. Straight teeth have so many benefits that it doesn’t make sense to postpone them even one more day. Here are 10 benefits you can hope to enjoy with straighter teeth.

Straight Teeth Are Easier to Clean

Straight teeth are aligned properly to make them easier to clean. The teeth expose most of their surfaces to the toothbrush, and they don’t create small awkward places where your brush might not reach.

Less Food Stuck in Teeth

Crooked teeth are more prone to getting food stuck in them. Once food is stuck in your teeth, it can feed bacteria, leading to increased risk of tooth decay around places where food has a tendency to stick. And you won’t have to worry about people seeing and anonymously reporting your dental problem.

Reduced Gum Disease and Cavities

If you’re having a harder time cleaning your teeth, and you’re getting more food stuck in them, it stands to reason that you’re likely to have more gum disease and cavities.

Protecting Your Jawbone from Loss

Gum disease can take jawbone away, but there’s another potential risk to your jawbones: uneven forces. These uneven forces can put excess strength on certain teeth, which can be translated into the jawbone, where it might stimulate the body to remove bone.

Less Tooth Damage

Imbalanced biting forces are a threat not just to your jawbone, but to your teeth. They can wear down more quickly and may crack. Straight teeth balance the forces more evenly among your teeth, reducing the risk of cracking and chipping.

Less Biting Your Cheeks and Tongue

When teeth are irregularly spaced, especially if they tilt inward or outward, it can be harder for your tongue to move food around without getting bit. And you may bite your cheeks more often, too.

Better Digestion

Chewing is part of digestion, and if you’re not chewing effectively, digestion is impaired. Straight teeth are more efficient at chewing, which will help you avoid indigestion and get more nutrition from the foods you eat.

Clearer Speech

Many sounds depend on your teeth to be made clearly. If you have irregular teeth or a gap in your teeth, some sounds may be distorted, making you harder to understand. Straightening your teeth will make your speech clearer.

Better Job Prospects

Appearance makes a big difference in your job search. Specifically, surveys of hiring managers find that a person with straight teeth is 45% more likely to get a job offer than someone with crooked teeth but the same qualifications.

More Smiling and Improved Quality of Life

Close up of a woman's beautiful smileIf you are proud of your smile, you’re more likely to show it off. And when you smile, you stimulate nerves that tell your brain you’re happy. That’s right, you don’t just smile because you’re happy, you’re happy because you smile. That means straighter teeth will likely make you feel much happier on a daily basis.

With all of these benefits, don’t wait any longer–get your teeth straightened today! Please call 845-627-7645 for an appointment with a Rockland County cosmetic dentist at B & D Dental Excellence in West Nyack.