Dentistry is a dynamic field, and we continue to develop new approaches to performing dental treatments. These technologies can improve the results you receive, your experience getting the procedure, your safety in our office, or all of the above. When you’re looking for a dentist in Rockland County, don’t forget to take technology into account. Read below to appreciate all the technologies we offer.

Laser Gum Treatment

At B & D Dental Excellence – A Dental365 Company, we use laser technology when performing gum treatment, both as part of our gum disease treatment and to create beautiful smiles. When patients come to us with concerns about gum tissue overwhelming their smile, we can now perform a treatment that contours and reshapes the gum line. By using a laser, we can reduce many of the concerns patients had with this kind of esthetic procedure.

The laser enables us to do surgery without a scalpel. Therefore, there is no bleeding and procedural discomfort eliminated. Healing is faster and more comfortable. The computer precisely controls the depth and extent of the shaping for even less discomfort and more esthetic contouring.

Say Good-bye to that gummy smile and say cheese, as wide as you please.

Smile Imaging

What could a new smile do for your confidence? Let us show you. Computer smile imaging can give you a preview of what is possible with modern cosmetic dentistry. First, we’ll talk about the kinds of changes you would like to see. Then, we take a digital photograph of your smile. After that, we select a smile design that incorporates the characteristics you desire in a new smile. Finally, we print out your ‘new smile’ and your current smile. You can take these with you to show family and friends or just to remind you of the possibilities of modern dentistry. We can even use the image to help us fine-tune your treatment goals so we are in perfect agreement about what, exactly you want your new smile to look like.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography technology (dRad or digital x-ray) is the process of using a computer to take a digital x-ray of your teeth. dRad allows us to take x-rays with a mere fraction of the radiation (90% reduction) used in traditional plate exposure methods. Since these x-rays are immediately digitized we are able to view them instantaneously on a computer. And you’ll be able to see them clearly, too–no more staring at those tiny films!

With dRad, we are able to store your digital x-ray securely on our computers giving us the ability to access them on demand faster than ever before. Additionally, we can send the images we capture to insurance companies electronically which results in cutting out long periods of processing time speeding your treatment substantially.

Video Presentations

When you have questions about the details involved in a specific treatment or therapy, we can answer them with our interactive video presentations. Knowing the details can help you make informed decisions about your treatments and if you have anxiety about a procedure, it can help you overcome any worries you might have. The programs take you step by step through the treatment. If you want to know about a procedure, just ask about a video presentation.

The video presentations also help you see the benefits of specific hygiene or periodontal therapies, including your home hygiene routine. Gum disease and cavities can develop quickly and cause lifelong problems. Without a complete understanding of how daily dental care can prevent these health problems, many people are less likely to faithfully keep at it. This is especially helpful if you are having trouble with children or teens keeping up with their hygiene.

High-Level Antiseptic Care

You can’t be comfortable if you don’t feel safe. That’s why we’re so stringent in our approach to germ control. Our instrument sterilization procedures meet Centers for Disease Control guidelines. We autoclave (heat-sterilize) all handpieces and instruments after each use and safely dispose of non-reusable items.

During treatment we wear gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection, and use barrier covers for each procedure. We also give you protective eyewear. Each exam room is cleaned and disinfected after each use. We use only ADA approved disinfectants. If you have any questions about our sterilization and disinfection procedures, feel free to ask. We want you to feel completely safe during your treatment.

High-Tech Root Canal Therapy

In the past, root canal therapy was less precise because it was hard to detect the exact point at which the tooth ended. This meant that there was a risk of either breaking through the tooth into the bone or not removing all the tooth pulp, both situations that can lead to possible failure of the treated tooth. Dr. Dunayer uses electronic tools to identify the location of the tooth root and safely remove all the tooth pulp.

This makes your root canal procedure more comfortable and reliable.

CEREC Single-Visit Restorations

CEREC is a computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system that allows us to design and manufacture all ceramic restorations while you wait. No more waiting for the lab to manufacture your restorations if you want to get the most attractive (and most durable) fillings available.

And you can also get attractive, fully ceramic dental crowns in one visit with our Premium Crown Experience. These beautiful crowns are as durable as lab-made restorations and sometimes they can look even better because we can tweak the appearance in direct comparison to your natural teeth to achieve the best match.

FOY ® Dentures

Dentures are an ancient technology, but they’ve been reinvented for the 21st century with FOY ® Dentures. These dentures provide a fit that matches not just your mouth, but your entire face. FOY ® Dentures are designed to replace the full volume of your bones and teeth so that your face is restored to more youthful proportion and jowling, sagging, facial folds, and wrinkles due to lost facial volume can be reduced or eliminated.

FOY ® Dentures also use the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry and dental materials to ensure your dentures are very beautiful and highly durable.

This is just a selection of the advanced technologies we use in our office. To learn more about these and other advances in dentistry, please call (845) 627-7645 today for an appointment with Rockland County cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Dunayer at B & D Dental Excellence – A Dental365 Company in West Nyack.